Hiking in North Cascades National Park with my son, Summer 2013

North Cascades National Park has tons of great hiking trails. I’d asked at the Visitor Center the day before for some recommendations for a good hike for a 6 year old and one of the suggestions was the 3.8 mile (7.6 miles round trip) hike from Diablo Dam to Ross Dam-

A short ride with lots of vertical brought us to the Diablo Dam-

Bright sunny day! Not a cloud in the sky!

Diablo Lake Trailhead! Let’s go!

Kristhawee’s got his bear bell and no, that’s not a bottle of Crown Royale around his neck, it’s a Crown Royale “sleeping bag” for his pet Chipmunk “Timo”

Fantastic trail with lots of shade through dense forest-

We cross ice cold crystal clear streams-

Find a nice spot for a break and a snack-

There are some challenging bits, like picking our way through this massive rock slide-

The higher we go the better the views!

Little guy is motoring along, but getting tired; there’s a fair bit of vertical on this hike and it’s quite warm in the bright sun-

Take a break little guy, we’ve got all day


Watch your step, it’s a LONG way down to the bottom of the gorge!

A bit further and we catch our first glimpse of Ross Dam with Ross Lake behind it-

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