Father and Son hike to Eightmile Lake near Leavenworth, Washington

Kristhawee spots trout in the water and chides me for not having brought along fishing gear…

Gorgeous spot, but we still have a little ways to go to reach Eightmile Lake.

Up we go, leaving Little Eightmile Lake behind-

As we climb I realize that “little” Eightmile isn’t really so little-

Kristhawee is getting tired and giving me a “look”

I promise it’s not much farther Kristhawee! And it will be worth it!!

Unconvinced perhaps, Kristhawee presses on-

The steep trail follows Eightmile Creek- we can’t be far now!

I’m still getting “the look”

We made it!!! Eightmile Lake dead ahead!

What a gorgeous spot! We went for a quick swim in the icy cold water- shocking cold!! Kristhawee talked me into jumping off a big rock-

The funny little dude- I told that if I jumped he had to jump too, and he replied, “But dad, I’m just a little kid!!”

(Photos by Kristhawee)

Splat! Man that water was COLD!!!

What did I tell you Kristhawee- worth the hike, wasn’t it?

Can’t remember what we were talking about, but love the look he’s giving me-

Kristhawee at Eightmile Lake, Alpine Wilderness, Washington, USA!

We hiked along the shore a ways and discovered some really nice camping spots… We should come back here some day and spend a night or two!

We had a lot of food and I didn’t particularly feel like carrying it all back down the mountain, so we stopped for another picnic

Father and Son at Eightmile Lake, Alpine Wilderness, Washington, USA!

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