Broken Bike in Bellingham, Round 2! >.<

Good morning from Bellingham, Washington!!

Haha! Kristhawee slept with his new Junior Ranger badge and Timo the Olympic chipmunk

Life is good! Until, fingers crossed, I drop the drain plug from the K1200LT Final Drive…

Once again it’s full of metal!!!?!


The bike had performed flawlessly over the weekend and I thought the Final Drive had been sorted… This is really starting to get on my nerves!

Quick call to Ride West then I tear the Final Drive off the Land Yacht and cruise on down to Seattle on Dave’s VFR again…

The Ride West service manager is sincerely apologetic and promises that he’ll get the drive sorted asap. But today is July 2nd so I don’t have much expectation of anything getting done before the 4th of July holiday, but, it is what it is…

I need to cool off a bit (and I’m beginning to think perhaps it’s time to get rid of the Land Yacht) so I take some time to admire the selection of second hand bikes that Ride West has out on the pavement-

I’ve always found the F800GT an intruiging bike. Sporty but with a belt drive. Interesting-

This Ducati StreetfighterS is pure sex on wheels-

And considering all the upgrades and low mileage the pricetag seems pretty reasonable-

This dirt cheap low mileage Kawasaki KLR650 really caught my eye-

Can you believe that these go for over half a million Baht in Thailand?!?!

I rode back to Bellingham, stopping along the way to pick up some fork seals for Dave’s VFR as one of the forks was leaking-

Our poor Land Yacht isn’t going to go far in this state

Can’t thank Dave and Pon enough for their wonderful hospitality- we ended up staying with them a lot longer than expected and I can’t think of a nicer place to get stranded

Kristhawee took all in stride- he loves Dave and Pon, the dogs and Bellingham and probably wouldn’t have minded spending the entire summer there

I’d tried to teach him to tie his shoes last summer when he was five, but he couldn’t quite get it. It looks like he might get it this summer!

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