Broken Beemer in Bellingham

The broken bike was going to force us to adjust our summer plans, but we couldn’t have picked a nicer place to break down than Bellingham!

What a beautiful town! I’m thinking seriously about moving there when my younger son reaches school age.

There are a bunch of parks within walking distance of Dave’s house, our favorite would have to be Elizabeth Park-

Taking Mocha to Elizabeth Park became part of our daily routine while we were in Bellingham-

Elizabeth Park in Bellingham has a nice playground where Kristhawee made many friends-

I spent some time on the phone with Ride West and they told me a new Final Drive would cost $1600 and would have to be ordered from Germany, or that they could rebuild my drive for ~$1200 and that they had all the parts on hand to get the job done and they’d do their best to have the drive rebuilt before the 4th of July. Sounds good! Dave lent us his car and we drove down to Seattle to drop off the drive, then do some shopping.

After Ride West we hit up REI to get outfitted for our summer adventure!

Kristhawee got a nice new sleeping bag-

I picked up a new camping stove and some other odds and ends, then we hit a nearby Toys R Us where Kristhawee picked out some dinosaurs- ha ha! Look at his face!

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