Bellingham to North Cascades National Park, Washington, USA

4th of July in Bellingham was nuts! There are signs all over town saying No Fireworks Allowed, but it became evident even before the sun went down that no one follows the rules and everyone was in the mood to blow stuff up!

Add to that the fact that pot is legal in Washington now and it was hard to tell is all the smoke was from gunpowder or ganga. And what a trip to be able to walk down the street past the coppers with a joint in your hand!

Pon stayed home to avoid the mayhem while Dave, Kristhawee and I wandered down to Heritage Park to enjoy the fireworks over Bellingham Bay. It was a fun 4th of July! Happy Independence Day!

I had dropped the oil out of the final drive earlier and it came out nice and clear, so it seems Ride West had finally sorted the Final Drive. Yippee!

It was finally time for us to hit the road! Thanks again Dave and Pon! You guys are awesome!!!

We’re headed to North Cascades National Park! Gorgeous day for a ride!

Through the oddly named town of Concrete and then the little village of Marblemount, Highway 20 follows the Skagit River up into the Cascades-

Welcome to North Cascades National Park!

We pulled off at the Newhalem Campground and found ourselves a really fantastic walk-in campsite deep in the woods and within earshot of the Skagit River-

Set up camp and then we set off for a short hike on the River Loop Trail which would take us to the Visitor Center where Kristhawee could pick up a Junior Ranger workbook-

Always feels good to stretch our legs after sitting on the bike

A very nice trail through thick forest and moss-covered hills-

There would be a ranger talk later in the evening. Tonight’s topic was about Wolves!

Fantastic Visitor Center at Newhalem!

Books, toys, puppets, arts and crafts supplies- a kids paradise!

If you’ve followed our previous adventures you’ll know that my kid loves Banana Slugs. So imagine his joy when he found one he could “ride”

We both learned a lot about North Cascades National Park during our time exploring the Visitor Center-

It was getting late and we needed to head back to camp and cook up some dinner before the Ranger talk-

Discovered a “drinking fountain” that could easily have doubled as a shower

Dinner is served! Yeah, Spagettios with meatballs, I know, pretty terrible, but he simply adores this stuff!

S’mores for dessert!

Kristhawee is still a pyromaniac Like father, like son!

We hiked up to the Amphitheater to catch the Ranger program and I must say I was very impressed! The Ranger was a hottie, and while I would have expected her to be 110% pro-wolf, she actually did a really good job of presenting both sides of the debate. At the end, when I asked Kristhawee if he thought wolves are good or bad he surprised me by answering “Both!” Wow, my kid gets it!!

It was pretty late and time for bed. Last year we read Rudyard Kiplings “Jungle Book” and Kristhawee loved it. This year I brought some other classics- Call of the Wild and White Fang by Jack London. Wow, I forgot how brutal Call of the Wild is… But Kristhawee is pretty mature for his age and quite enjoyed it, though as usual, he passes out after a few pages

Sweet dreams my little prince! We have a full day planned for tomorrow!!

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