4th of July ride through North Cascades National Park to Winthrop, WA

I wasn’t expecting to hear back from Ride West until after the 4th of July holiday so imagine my surprise when my phone rings on July 3rd and Ben, the Service Manager tells me that they split the drive, inspected it, and can’t find any damaged parts…

I can tell he’s embarrassed when he goes on to explain that perhaps the technician who rebuilt the drive had failed to clean all the old metal out of it before he put it back together…

Grrr! How is that possible I wonder out loud. One would have thought that a shop that charges over $100/hour for labor would have mechanics who would not make such mistakes. What a phenomenal waste of time for both me and Ride West. I can tell Ben is pissed too. His mechanic’s sloppy work has cost them a lot of billable hours.

Ok, deep breath and relax…. Get suited up and blast on down to Seattle AGAIN. It’s about 90 miles from Dave’s house to Ride West, so I’ve already racked up a lot of miles and wasted a lot of time and fuel going back and forth…

Pick up the Final Drive and explain to Ben again that I’m riding with my 6 year old son on the back and that we’re headed all the way to Minnesota. I need to know, no bull$hit, if the bike is going to make it. I do not want to risk a breakdown in the middle of nowhere with my 6 year old on the back.

Ben does his best to assure me that the drive is solid and will not fail. I sure hope he’s right!!!

A plan is hatched to get out for a 4th of July blast with Dave and Eric to see if the drive holds together and spits out any more metal. Thinking that the bike would be out of commission for some time I’d stripped it down a bit to do some other maintenance- it’s a strange looking beastie once the “tupperware” is taken off!

So, I stayed up late on the 3rd putting the bike back together and come Thursday it was again ready to roll!

Happy Independence Day!

Perfect day for a ride! Beautiful weather, not much traffic and no cops (thank goodness!)

He we are on the Diablo Dam in North Cascades National Park-

Kristhawee wanted to spend the day with Pon and her daughter so I was able to wring the K1200LT’s neck a bit. I’m not used to riding the Land Yacht solo and unloaded. It’s pretty darn quick when you get the revs up!

A bit further east we pulled off at a viewpoint to take it all in. Wow!

We continued on to the funky little western town of Winthrop where we enjoyed a fantastic meal at Three Fingered Jacks before blasting back over the Cascades.

Eric let me take his Fizzer for a bit- wow, what a bike! I saw triple digits on the speedo a few times and am thankful that we didn’t cross paths with any law enforcement officers

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